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Differences Between the Paleo and Keto Diet

When the topic falls into losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, there are two diets that most health enthusiasts have in mind: the Paleo and Ketogenic diet. Although these two diets can have the same kind of foods and similarities to how they are consumed,...

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What Should I Buy Instead If There’s No Grass-Fed Meat?

For people following the Paleo diet, grass-fed meat is a healthier choice compared to the regular grain-fed meat that can be found easily. Despite their price, grass-fed meat is more costly including free-range poultry. If you are unable to afford buying pastured,...

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Top Paleo Garden Fruits and Veggies You Must Have

For people who love to garden, planting a wide range of fruits and veggies can be quite overwhelming when there are limitless seed options to choose from. But you don’t have to fret. Here we have provided you with a list of the top fruits and vegetables that you need...

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How Can Paleo Help Diabetics?

People who are resistant to insulin and have type-2 diabetes have reached a staggering ratio nowadays. In America, there is at least one person who dies from causes related to diabetes every ten seconds or so according to a recent report. Furthermore, a report has...

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Tips to Get Kids Interested in Paleo

You have finally decided to transition your diet to that of a cave man, and you want to get your kids interested in Paleo. However, this isn’t going to be an easy task. There are many challenges that you need to face and overcome in order to become successful. With...

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Following a Paleo Diet for 2018? Here Are Some Tips!

Are you thinking of going the Paleo diet for 2018? Check out these steps below on how you can prepare yourself for this new way of life the new year. Identify Reasons Why You Decide to Go Paleo Learning the reasons why you want to go Paleo is essential in the first...

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These 4 Paleo Foods Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass

By simply looking at the food typically eaten in a Paleo diet, it is easy to conclude why a lot of people are having a hard time trying to gain muscle. Most of the food sources in Paleo are not dense enough in calories and are usually hard to overeat. This is why many...

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How to Gain Weight Following the Paleo Diet

The overall results that you get when you switch to a Paleo diet can be quite amazing. This decision, which can change the way you ate and lived in the past, can now give you more energy and fewer health problems. You will start to feel and look great while noticing...

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Why Grass Fed Beef on Paleo?

The Paleo diet places big importance on not just any meat, but grass fed meat. Beef that has been fed with natural grass makes it nutritionally superior to any other meat. What Does Grass Fed Mean? Before we discuss the benefits of grass-fed meat, it is important to...

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