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Following a Paleo Diet for 2018? Here Are Some Tips!

Are you thinking of going the Paleo diet for 2018? Check out these steps below on how you can prepare yourself for this new way of life the new year. Identify Reasons Why You Decide to Go Paleo Learning the reasons why you want to go Paleo is essential in the first...

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These 4 Paleo Foods Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass

By simply looking at the food typically eaten in a Paleo diet, it is easy to conclude why a lot of people are having a hard time trying to gain muscle. Most of the food sources in Paleo are not dense enough in calories and are usually hard to overeat. This is why many...

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How to Gain Weight Following the Paleo Diet

The overall results that you get when you switch to a Paleo diet can be quite amazing. This decision, which can change the way you ate and lived in the past, can now give you more energy and fewer health problems. You will start to feel and look great while noticing...

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Why Grass Fed Beef on Paleo?

The Paleo diet places big importance on not just any meat, but grass fed meat. Beef that has been fed with natural grass makes it nutritionally superior to any other meat. What Does Grass Fed Mean? Before we discuss the benefits of grass-fed meat, it is important to...

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Tips to Successfully Lose Weight Even for Paleo Recipes

The Paleo diet is great for helping people lose weight without trying. It is actually a better choice compared to many of the diets most commonly associated with those trying to reduce weight. Let us discuss some of the important strategies that can help make the...

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Healthy Paleo Diet Fats to Use

You’re probably aware by now that the good fats don’t make us fat at all and that saturated fats are within the “good fat” category. As a matter of fact, these fats make us happy, and for Paleo diet followers, it is our main source of energy. Our bodies are capable of...

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Paleo Diet Tweaks for Athletes

The nutritional requirements an athlete have will depend on each individual, their sport and the level of activity needed. A marathon runner will have different needs compared to that of a power lifter. Despite these differences, they all have very similar...

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What Exactly IS Paleo?

Whether you’re looking to improve your body’s performance, reduce the risks of getting degenerative diseases or maybe just want to experience the best you can be, a diet rich in all micronutrients is the best choice here. But what will this kind of diet look like? The...

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Top 10 Benefits of Eating Paleo

We have all come upon a lot of conflicting info on what truly constitutes a healthy diet. The Paleo diet approach is one of the emerging dietary philosophies that is here to stay. It has been changing many lives and promoting fresh, whole and real food to people for...

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